О Женщина…

дневник бывшей американской жены

No more…

Tick Tock

sue pic

Tick, tock, tick, tock…. On it goes.

“How does this work?” you say.

“How can it be improved, upgraded, enhanced?”

So many warnings, so many signs.

“Stop” I say “No more” but you don’t hear me because you know best.

Tick……tock.  What will it take?
The years go by and still….tick…tock…..until

One day ….


Only a small sound but its enough.

Now you’re the one looking at all the pieces, wondering how? And why?

But no more tick tock, tick tock;

Only silence…

Written by New Girl


2 комментария

  1. I really like it.Simple but it says deep things. Vera

    • Thank you, Vera, for visiting my blog ! (promise it will be more in English!)
      I’m sure every woman at least ones had this “ wonder boy “ in her life… I agree- simple and deep- I hope the New Girl will write more .

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